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Lunch Kit





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194 x 117 mm




185 x 106 x 94 mm

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Lunch Kit RE98-LAUDAT
Whether for work, school or leisure - lunch boxes are everyday items for many people and have a long service life. Place your advertising message in the everyday life of your customers and make them happy with our all-rounder RE98-Laudat.
The lunch box made of BPA-free plastic contains two black 500 ml containers that are separated by a divider. Inside the separator is a black plastic cutlery set consisting of a knife, fork and spoon. To ensure that the cutlery is safely stowed away, the individual pieces of cutlery are clamped in matching holders. A food separator for one of the two boxes is also included.
The lid of the lunch box is made of bamboo and plastic. A special feature: plastic and bamboo can be separated, so all plastic components can easily be put in the dishwasher. The bamboo board can also be used as a cutting board.
The plastic boxes are suitable for heating in the microwave and freezer-safe down to -20°C.
For additional stability, the entire box is enclosed in a black rubber band.
The lid can be customised with CO2 laser engraving, UV or pad printing. The plastic food containers can be individualised with a pad print. A print can be made on the plastic buckle of the band.
bamboo, plastic, black, brown, BPA free, Capacity, Cutlery set, large containers: 2, rubber band
rubber band Cutlery set large containers value: large containers Capacity value: Capacity BPA free
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